We often get asked who might sell their solar PV tariff, more commonly known as the Feed in Tariff, and how's it works. 
Over the years we've seen very different people with varying circumstances cashing in on their solar tariff using our Solar Buyback service. More often than not people are starting their journey toward the sale of their property and have enquired with us to the value of the asset on their roof - often pleasantly surprised. It may also surprise you to know that a lot of the time this value isn't realised as part of the 'normal' house selling process, and the solar panels simply pass onto the new owners. So, equally, we have customers who have recently purchased a home with solar panels and have heard the great news that they could release solar equity, and perhaps plan that new kitchen they'd dreamed of. 
Lease vs 'Non-Lease' Solar Buyback options - Which one? 
If you’re looking to release equity from your solar PV system, you have two options. You could sell your panels and lease the airspace above them or sell your Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and entering into an agreement with a third party to novate the tariff. 
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